Today’s Reading (all 1 link):  1 Samuel 10-12, Psalm 50, Acts 7

Saul has been anointed king…the king the people wanted…desired…demanded!  The king would not just take office even though coronation was the political act of establishing the king as ruler.  Anointing was a religious act.  The anointing was the act that made the king God’s representative to the people – one performed by a priest or a prophet.  The ceremony reminded the king of the great responsibility to lead the people…by God’s wisdom and not his own.  Regardless of good times or bad, the reminder is…“I am God…Your God!”

This is the message of Psalm 50 – verse 7 to be precise.  It’s really easy to think about making sacrifices to God…while we may not slaughter animals today, what are the things we think we sacrifice in our worship of the God we follow?  Do we fall into the same pattern of those noted in Psalm 50?  Do we simply participate in the rituals of the church…service, tithing or…attending church out of habit rather than the love we are supposed to have for the one who is God…our God?

If you are looking for a role model here…look not to Saul who was anointed king, but to Stephen who, even in the greatest fear you and I probably have – death…even in the face of death, Stephen knew the God he worshipped and was unafraid to call to task those who should have known but “covered their ears”

What is it that you want?  Desire?  Demand?  And when faced with the many difficulties life often deals each of us, what is it that you do?  Stephen didn’t defend himself…he told them about the God who was God for him – he told them about Jesus…Stephen simply shared his faith.  Can we do the same?