1 Samuel 7-9
Ecclesiastes 9:11-18
Acts 6

After reading today’s passages I immediately went to my Spotify and played “Bury the Workman” by Unspoken. I love this song. It is all about how no matter what humans try to do, God’s work will prevail.

Let’s examine today’s passages with that ideology in mind.

In the Samuel passages we first see how God’s greatness stopped the Philistines with a clap of thunder. How mighty and great is He that an entire army could be subdued by thunder? What battles are you facing in life now? What battles do you need to hand over to God? Remember: the Lord will fight for you, you need only be still (Exodus 14:14).

Then, as is human nature, we see God’s people turning away from Him and demanding a king. He see them desiring the ways of the world rather than the His. So, the Lord in His infinite and perfect love allows His people to choose poorly–like a father who lets his son make a bad choice so that he may learn. He gave warning, but they did not listen.

Yet, God’s work continues. The story of the Bible is perfectly tied to together and amazing. Saul was anointed by Samuel, David follows after Saul (you’ll read about that soon enough!), and it is from David’s line that Jesus is born.

You can bury the workman, but the work will go on most certainly.

To be honest, burying doesn’t even necessarily mean death–it could just as easily mean sin. Jesus was born through a line plagued with sin. God’s chosen people sin repeatedly, they are buried in those sins, but God’s work continues time and time again.

The Acts passage mentions Stephen, which actually trigged my thoughts about the song, and you will find that Stephen was persecuted as well. He was actually buried. Yet, God’s work pushes on.

Brothers and Sisters, I want to give you the blessed relief that God’s plan will manifest and continue no matter what. God is stronger than our sin, He has overcome death, and His perfect will will always persevere through any storm.

Many Blessings,