1 Samuel 4-6 Psalm 49 Acts 5

Acts 5 is a fascinating chapter in the history of the church. We meet Ananias and Sapphira, maybe the first people in the history of the church that tried to buy some sort of influence or privilege in the church. The fascinating thing to me about their story is that God is using their story to remind everyone that we are called to live our lives above reproach in a way that is worthy of the call we have on our lives.

The second part of the chapter deals with what the church should really be about: sharing the gospel, healing and strengthening the community around. It is a great picture of the plan that God has for the world, the witness of the church as the agent of change. And just like it is today, whenever we set our hearts and minds to do God’s work, that work sometimes is met by opposition, in the case of the church in Jerusalem persecution. For the apostles sharing the message of Christ, was more important than being silent, or compromising their message.

So I have to ask you: What is that one thing that is important to you, that you are willing to stand for? Could you be as brave as Peter and stand before everyone because of your love of the Gospel? How is the community or church you are part of is enriched by who you are or by your ministry?

The reason for my questions is simple: You and I are called to be more, and it is up to us to discover our place in this big plan that God has.

Today I pray that we can be bold, honest and passionate about our faith.

Be blessed,

Bo M.