Deuteronomy 31-32     Psalm 37     John 2

Review:  Moses is 120 years old and appoints Joshua as his successor (31:1-8)…Moses then re-pens the torah (31:9-13) and encourages it’s reading…Joshua is commissioned in a tent meeting (31:14-15, 23) to lead Israel…The LORD informs Moses of Israel’s ensuing apostasy (31:16-21)…Moses composes a song against her (31:22)…The Levites are called out for future rebellions (31:26-29)…Moses’ song (31:30-32:44) appeals to heaven and earth to witness (32:1) and implores it’s teaching to spread (32:2)…Israel is God’s own (32:8-9)…Israel has been led to a fertile land (32:10-14) but looked to it’s gods under rocks (32:15-18)…Others are used to punish Israel (32:22-27), yet these do not understand that their deities do them harm (32:28-35)…Israel is handed over to no god (32:37-39), but still sword protected (32:40-43)…Moses is ordered to Mount Nemo (32:48-52) to see the promised land and to die.

Analysis:  Moses writes “this torah” and hands it over to the Levites who are to recite it every 7 years at the Feast of Tabernacles to make sure Israel knows and understands it (31:9-13, cp. 17:18-19).  This is the definitive required reading…The Song of Moses amounts to a legal document with it’s witnesses (32:1-3), case statement (32:4-6), prosecution (32:7-14), indictment (32:15-18), and judgement (32:19-25).  It is a prophetic accusation…If Israel betrays God (32:15, 18, 30-32, 37), it is guilty and will suffer consequences like abandonment (32:19-27)…According to a note in my Bible, this Jeshurun (32:15) means an “upright” or ideal Israel that falls into idol worship (32:16-18)…Israel is repeatedly reminded of the primary position of the LORD in their existence (32:39, cp. Isa. 43:11, 45:5-6. 48:12).