Deuteronomy 25-26
Ecclesiastes 2:18-26
Luke 23

This morning on my way to work I was listening to Shine FM (89.7), or K-Love (99.1), or WBGL (104.7) and Phil Wickham’s “This is Amazing Grace” came on. For me this song has a special connection because on January 25, 2015 I was baptized while the worship band played this song in the background. To me this song represents freedom, love, and hope. So I did what I do best when feeling sentimental:  I cried.

Then I read today’s passages. Luke 23 is about Christ’s death. This Bible reading was followed by a staff meeting where we talked about Palm Sunday and my heart began to ache in remembrance. Jesus was greeted as a king and then days later He was crucified. He was stripped, tortured, and hung on the cross. For us.

The Deuteronomy passage talks about laws and about tithes. It specifically states that the foreigners, the widows, and the fatherless will be given a portion of the produce so that they may satisfied.  Did not Jesus’s death fulfill this law? He is the Bread of Life and He came so that the outcasts may be loved the way God always intended them to be loved.

The Ecclesiastes passage talks about working for something you can’t keep. The author mentions that someone may labor with wisdom and then a fool inherits the that fruit. Again, is this not Jesus? He suffered immensely and was humiliated so that Jews, Greeks, and Gentiles may find freedom. He is the wise and we are the fools, always chasing after fleeting desires only to come back to a place of repentance and grace. We gain His fruit.

This life we are living is fueled by Amazing Grace.

I want all who are reading to take a moment and think about this Truth. I want you to know how deeply loved you are by the King of Kings.

Many Blessings,