Leviticus 26-27     Psalm 23     Mark 14

Review: Laws of the land (26:1-2)…Conditions for being blessed (26:3-13)…Chastisement for disobedience (26:14-15)…Distress (26:16-17)…No rain (26:18-20)…Attack from animals (26:21-22)…Disease (26:23-26)…Famine (26:27-31)…Dispersement (27:32-39)…Even so, the covenant God made with Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3) remains intact (26:40-46)…Regarding persons dedicated to the LORD (27:1-25)…The firstborn belong to God (27:26-27) as do things (27:28-29), land, trees, and animals (27:30-33)…Finally, there is a reminder of Israel’s connection with the LORD by way of  Sinai (27:34).

Analysis:  Chapter 26 needs to be read in conjunction with the Palestinian Covenant (Deut. 30:3-10), having to do with the land the LORD entrusted Israel with…These judgements are described as discipline (26:44-45), in other words God’s intention is to correct His own, not punish…What God has done to those He cares for, He repeats (Prov. 3:11-12, Heb. 12:3-15)…To make a promise to the LORD (27:2-8) meant time in the sanctuary, either the person or a family member…The value of properties (27:16-24) was proportional to the number of years that had to elapse before the Jubilee Year.  It was worth less with the passage of time, as the land reverted to the original owner during said year….These two chapters are typical of OT theology…The dispersement chastisement (27:32-39) has been literally fulfilled at the present day.  Jews populate every country on the face of the earth.