Today’s Readings:
Exodus 13-14
Psalm 11
Matthew 19

God will fight for you, you need only be still.
Exodus 14:14

What a great reminder for us today. When it comes to many of our battles our culture demands self sufficiency. However, these battles and burdens were never meant to be ours. God created us to be in the Garden. His original intention for all of us was to be in fellowship with Him. When that was broken God sent Jesus to be the ultimate sacrifice and restore that bond. Again, He wants us to be in community with Him. He does not want us pulling away and trying to fight the Egyptians on our own. He has a plan to defeat them and it will bring much more glory to His name than any ‘victory’ we could win on our own.

If you are feeling heavy this morning–filled with the burdens of the world–I highly recommend surrendering them to Jesus. Remember, His yoke is so much lighter.

Here’s a little prayer you can say today if the weight of the world is on your shoulder (and it takes includes all of todays readings, plus some. There is something very powerful in praying Scripture back to God):

Abba! Father!
It is in You that I take refuge.
You are my Keeper and my Strength.
I praise You for You are the Great I Am.
I come humbly before You
With burdens too great to bear
And surrender them to You, Lord Jesus.
Your Word promises Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.
With awe and gratitude I exchange my heaviness for Your lightness.
Help me to abandon my earthly riches for Your Great Eternity.
What good is it for me to gain the world and lose my soul?
I want You:  Your Hope, Your Peace, Your Light.
I stand on the strong foundation that You are Good.
In Jesus’s sweet and precious name, with gratitude and praise, I pray.

PS: I highly encourage everyone to pray for marriages. I’m not married, but I hear it’s not easy. Marriage was in the Garden and later becomes the imagery used to describe Jesus and the church. How much do you think the enemy hates marriage? I’ll tell you: an awful lot. Pray for your marriage, your friend’s marriage, your boss’s, co-workers’, parent’s marriages. Pray over your religious leaders and their marriages, same with the staff, and volunteers.

Praying blessings over someone’s marriage is a powerful act of love that the Lord sees and others feel.

Happy Wednesday!
Safe driving! We look forward to seeing you tonight at Family Mid-week!