Isaiah 49

Review: This Servant is predestined to carry out God’s plan from his mother’s womb (vv. 1-3)…His words are likened to a sharp sword (v. 2)…Strangely, this Servant is not recognized by anyone (vv. 5-7), except God….The “light of the nations” and “covenant to the people” (v. 6, 8) is a retelling (42:2, 6)…We have what amounts to another exodus or regathering (vv. 9-13)…Zion expresses fear of abandonment (v. 14)…To this claim, God proclaims divine faithfulness to His child Israel (vv. 15-20)…Lastly, God states that He will overcome His adversaries (vv. 21-26).

Commentary: In answering the question “Who is this Servant?”; the easy answer of course is Jesus…That’s a good guess in any semblance of Bible study, for any question…It is true that Jesus “foots the bill” to the described Servant’s sharp wording (v. 2), whom God “called Me from the womb” (v. 1,5), He became “light to the Gentiles” (v. 6) and certainly was despised (v. 7) for any number of reasons…Yet, some of what is spoken to we have no record of Jesus addressing – the coastlands (v. 1), and the consolidation of Jacob and Israel (vv. 5-6)…That is on His first coming…This “covenant” (v. 8) evidently refers to the unconditional one God made with David (2 Sam. 7:4-17); fulfilled and to be fulfilled in Christ (Rom. 1:3)…Certainly there are some aspects of the Bible narrative, like nursing (v. 15), being a bride (v. 18), lost children and barrenness (vv. 20, 21) that are best identified with by women…The poetry of Isaiah is such that it gives images but not complete pictures, leaving the rest to the imagination of the reader.