Looking ahead to today’s Christmas Eve services, I thought we all should have something for tomorrow morning…Christmas Day!  It’s snowing outside right now and that will make some very happy – it will make Christmas…Christmas for them.  For others there will be presents…or family gatherings.  For others…this will not be a very festive day for many reasons.  And yet for far too many, we often forget that Christmas is not about us…Christmas is God’s doing – his action in a world he loves and cares for.  The following is taken from the book “Hidden Christmas” by Tim Keller:

Years ago, I read an ad in the New York Times that said, “The meaning of Christmas is that love will triumph and that we will be able to put together a world of unity and peace.” In other words, we have the light within us, and so we are the ones who can dispel the darkness of the world. We can overcome poverty, injustice, violence, and evil. If we work together, we can create a “world of unity and peace.”

Can we? One of the most thoughtful world leaders or the late 20th century was Vaclav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic. He had a unique vantage point from which to peer deeply into both socialism and capitalism, and he was not optimistic that either would, by itself, solve the greatest human problems. He knew that science unguided by moral principles had given us the Holocaust. He concluded that neither technology not the state nor the market alone could save us from nuclear degradation. “Pursuit of the good life will not help humanity save itself, nor is democracy alone enough,” Havel said. “A turning to and seeing of … God is needed.” The human race constantly forgets, he added, that “he is not God.”

God’s Spirit was at work in the creation of a new heaven and earth…again when the first Church was formed and, in a tiny little town called Bethlehem.  It is God’s Spirit that creates newness.  Newness comes when God “stirs the pot” in a very comfortable and settled world.  Christmas is not just about what happened but what can happen today and tomorrow as long as we remember that we humans are not God.  Merry Christmas everyone!!