John 1:14


Abba! Father!

How sweet and precious is Your son to us?

We lift up our hearts in praise. We rejoice in the Incarnation. We sing with the angels and thank You for sending us a servant King. We thank You, God, for loving us enough to journey with us. You know our struggles and You have walked this life as we do now.

On this Christmas we surrender to you our hearts. We ask that You create a new heart in us, God. We ask that you break the chains that may be part of a broken family, an addiction, a secret sin, or any other hurt, and give us peace in return. We ask that when the pain of loved ones loss becomes too much to bear You remind us that there is hope found in every circumstance because You are here.

I ask that You remind us of Your humbleness. Let that Truth and love sink into our souls. May we remember that the Creator of all things chose to be born out of His own creation. May we remember that Your love for us is so deep that You became our brother and friend despite it all–without obligation or complaint.

This Christmas, Father, I ask that You bless us. I ask the Holy Spirit bring peace, joy, comfort, and praise. May we sing with the angels this Christmas “Glory to God in the highest!”

May we be a people who are joyous not because of this world, our circumstances, or things, but because of You.

In Jesus’s sweet and precious name we pray,