Luke 2:1-20

Ohh Christmas!!! That wonderful time of the year when everything is about “being ready”! Am I ready for Christmas? Sure thing – I am as ready for it as for any other day of the year.

You see, it is my belief that we are living in an expectation driven season. Everything has to be just right. The right gift for a special someone will take hours and hours of looking around or numerous trips to the store. Or maybe we had drawn the short stick and we are the host for the family dinner this year, and boy everything has to be perfect. Or maybe in between all the parties we are invited too and all the people we got to see we might even have a little time to find ourselves.

You get the idea. A time when we need to be ready for something and expected to be all that. Maybe this season is here to challenge us to rethink expectations that people might have of us, and us of them.

Maybe this season is about finding peace and joy in the mundane, in the unexpected in the lost and found, in the in-between. Let me explain what I mean. For Mary and Joseph, this was a time of uncertainty, a time when everything was upside down when the idea of marriage and expecting a baby was met by a surprise angeling timeline. For the magi, the trip was long and tiring but also with an unexpected twist, the king they were looking for was born in a barn. For the shepherds the quiet night turned in to a concert hosted by angels. Maybe that is the message of Christmas: when we least expect it, God has a way to show up in our lives. When we let ourselves be caught up by the moment rather than planning it all out, maybe then we will encounter the meaning of this season: God close to us, in our anxiety, in our nervousness, in our joyful or unjoyful preparation, God is close to us.

Today I pray, that as “you get ready ” for Christmas that you might experience the joy and peace of the there and not ready yet, the joy of seeing God in your life in an amazing and surprising way.

Be Blessed,

Merry Christmas,

Bo M.