Luke 17.12

Leviticus 13-14

Jesus entered a certain village along the border of Samaria, and encountered ten leprous men, who standing a distance away cried with a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.”

Leprosy is a contagious disease, that renders the afflicted with joint pain, lethargy, and loss of feeling in their extremities.  According to the Law of Moses they are to be inspected by the priests and quarantined, for health reasons, and live their lives separated from the rest of family and society.  It’s a lonely life and rather hard living only in the company of other lepers. The Law also states that if cleansing comes the affected one is to show himself to the priests for a specific ritual for ceremonial cleansing.

Jesus then when He saw the men had compassion for them and said, ” Go and show yourselves to the priests.”  Thus fulfilling the law.  As the men were then going to the priests, they were cleansed.  Now one of them turned back when he saw that he had been cleansed, glorifying God, and fell at Jesus feet, giving thanks to Him.  Jesus responded, “were there not ten of you cleansed?  But where are the other nine?”

Very simply my question to you is, do you think for a moment that the other nine were not glad and thankful for being cleansed?  I am sure they were, they had to be ecstatic, their lives were about to turn around from misery to normal. they could be reunited with family and friends, get jobs, support their households, and touch and be touched again.  I can’t imagine any one being so removed and callous as to not be grateful for this miraculous healing, and I doubt they were either.  But, they didn’t say anything to Jesus, their healer.  In their hearts they may have been thankful, but their mouths were silent.

An unspoken word of thanks will never be mistaken for ingratitude.  So very simply let us not be like these nine men.  Rather let us be like the one, who did not hesitate to return to Jesus, who did not resist saying thanks.  Whether it be to God, or to each other, even to spouses, children, parents, friends, or even pastors, let’s open up and say what we are thankful for.

I had to confess to my wife that I was most thankful for her for doing the laundry.  In my opinion it is a most vile chore and she so religiously does it.  I wear the clothes, throw them into the hamper and they magically end up clean and in the closet.  Its a miracle, thanks Becca.