Luke 10:38-42

I often hear people talk about being exhausted, weary, overwhelmed, over-scheduled, burnout, dissatisfied, tired…Thoughts like these are not limited to male or female, professionals, parents,  wealthy or not.  Equally true is the subsequent “I can figure it out on my own” or, “I just need to get rid of few things off my plate”.

This passage is not about the priority of study or faith over service.  We live in an either/or world much of the time – choose correctly is an ever present thought.  This passage on Mary and Martha provides a barometer for living in this type of environment.  The story of Mary and Martha provides for us the insight that levels the playing field when we are weary, overwhelmed, over-scheduled etc.  This passage reinforces the foundational understating of knowing what the most important thing in your life is at the moment and choosing it, with confidence…even though it means turning away some things that are very good.  However, these very good things simply don’t equal the importance of being very clear about the center of our values.

That leads to the obvious questions:  What if your life could be different?  Simplified living is more than clearing the clutter off your schedule or cleaning out your closets or desk drawers…it requires uncluttering the center of your life.  Simplified living requires action like that seen in our passage today.  You can’t go and find a pill to deal with the clutter or busyness in your life but you can begin by focusing on relationship…a simplified life begins in your relationship with Jesus.  So, in light of all your activity, don’t lose sight of relationship.