Today I would like to take a little time and encourage you to looks at your faith through the lens of 500 years of Reformation. For Martin Luther faith was about restoring faith to a religious system that kept people in religious bondage, and helping the individual to pursue a personal relationship with God.

Over the years the reformation continued to evolve and challenge people and many theologians continued to reshape that faith based on the principal of: Reformed always reforming. But three tenants has stood the test of time.

  1. Sole Authority of Scripture (“Sola Scriptura”)
  2. Justification by Faith Alone (“Sola Fide”)
  3. Priesthood of the Believer (Direct access to God through Christ Our Only Mediator: “Sola Christus”)

Because of this principals faith has become something personal, the vail that kept people away from God has been broken when the Bible made it in the hands of those looking to grow closer to the Creator, and brought out the call to use all our gifts as we serve the ones around us as believers. Without these at play, we would still depends on a priest or the church to open and explain the Scriptures to us, or putting good works at the center of who we are as people of faith always depending on a 3rd party to lead us by the hand in our journey.

At yet, because of this movement, we understand that each one of us is beloved by God, each one of us can come close to God by our own prayers and our daily devotions. Because of this we understand that the church is a living organism, where each one of us is an important part in God’s plan to show the world what living according to the will of the Father looks like.

So today I pray that each one of us can truly experience the joy and freedom that comes from having that faith that so many fought for over the years.

Be blessed,

Bo M

PS. One more thing: Martin Luther really like singing in church, so that is like a cherry on top for all of us that enjoy singing on Sunday.