Philippians 1:27-30

John 8:1-11

We have a job as Christians. It is our job to “live a life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ,” as Paul states at the beginning of this passage. We are to be role models of what Christian living is like. Of course we are surrounded by people who are not living Christian lives, and it is easy to point out their sins. But, in those times, I am reminded of Jesus at the scene of a stoning of an adulterous woman caught red-handed. When pressed about casting his judgement on the woman, his response is one of my favorite Jesus verses…”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So, it is not my job as a Christian, in my living a life worthy of the Gospel to judge people on their sins.

Along our journey as Christians, we come across people who will cast judgement at us, slinging insults at us and making it seem as if we have it wrong. Paul reminds us that we should not be intimidated by those naysayers, because they are just building up evidence of their destruction, while we are building up our salvation. We SHOULD expect some suffering along the way in our Christian journey. All of those sufferings are tests of our faith and will make us stronger. We need to stay true to ourselves and our beliefs. Jesus, Paul, and many others throughout the Bible experienced suffering at the expense of their beliefs. But those sufferings only made them stronger in their faith.

So as you live out this day and the days to come, as the hymn goes, let them know we are Christians by our love. By showing grace and mercy to those around us, we will be living out our lives just as Jesus does for us.