Know-God-e1487433559210Psalms 133

Genesis 42.1-18

Matthew 14. 34- 36

Malachi 4.2

Joshua 3.13

The story, historical account, that we look at today is of the re-uniting of the twelve sons of Jacob.  As you know Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, was irritating to his brothers, so much so that they were plotting his death.  Reuben stepped in and negotiated the selling of his brother into slavery rather than killing him.  Years later as Joseph has prospered by the hand of Yahweh the brothers come to him in Egypt for grain, though they don’t know they are dealing with their own brother.  In Genesis 42.11 they present themselves as “honest men,” which is typical of mankind to easily overlook their own faults and sins and only see the good in themselves rather than reality.  They even go so far as to declare  “one of our brothers is dead,” and yet never disclose their culpability in the matter.

The psalms declare how beautiful it is to dwell in harmony with our brothers.

How do we do that, when one half the time our brothers aren’t honest with us and the other half we aren’t honest with them.  How can we expect peace when we are so deceitful, and dishonest with ourselves and our brothers.

Malachi 4.2 declares there is healing in Yahwehs wings.  The word wings in the Hebrew is Kanaph, which means an edge, the corner of a garment, a hem, a wing. We all remember the story of the woman in Matthew 9.20  with an issue of blood who dared to crawl through the crowd and touch the hem of Jesus cloak and was healed, and in Matt. 14.36 we are told the same thing that the crowd who came for healing “implored Him that they might just touch the fringe of His cloak; and as many as touched were healed.” This is the reality of who Jesus is, prophesied from centuries past of what to expect from the Messiah.

There is a prerequisite though.  All the people who wanted healing had to actually reach out and touch His garment.  Just as in the passage from Joshua 3.13 when Israel was about to cross the Jordan, the priests had to actually walk into the river with the Ark of the Covenant before God would part the waters.  Salvation, peace, healing, recovery, help in any way, is already available to us through the “finished work of Jesus,” but we have to step into the waters, we have to touch the hem of His garment. Wanting isn’t enough, we must be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we must actually be proactive.