Genesis 37 – 47

Review:  Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son (37:1-7) and therefore despised by his other 11 brothers (37:8-19)…The 11 attempt to kill the prodigy, Joseph (37:20-27) by pitting him.  He is rescued by one who happens to be passing by (37:28-36)…Next, is an aside revealing the sexual exploits of Judah (38:1-30)…In Egypt, enslaved, God is with Joseph (39:2-3, 23)…When propositioned by an Egyptian officials wife, Joseph flees (39:1-12) and punished for his fidelity (39:13-23)…Even incarcerated, God works thru dreams that further Joseph’s cause (40:1-23)…Pharaoh also dreams.  Joseph is introduced as an accurate dream interpreter (41:1-39) and rewarded for his skill (41:40-57)…As CEO of Egypt and unrecognized by his starving brothers, Joseph orders their food bags filled, keeping Simeon as payment (42:1-38), and sends them home…The Egyptian and Canaan drought continues, the starving brothers return to Egypt and are served a feast by Joseph, who favors his younger brother Ben (43:1-34) to make a point.  He fills their food bags, etc….Judah steps forward as a substitute (44:1-13) to serve time for Ben’s cup crime (44:18-34)…Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and chronicles how God has brought them to this point (45:1-15)…Transportation is arranged to bring all the brothers households and Jacob to Egypt (45:16-28)…Israel immigrates to Egypt (46:1-34)…Israel and Egypt are unified (47:1-12)…Israel accepts Egypt’s bondage and taxes in exchange for food (47:13-26)…Newly situated in Egypt, Jacob is promised by Joseph to return his remains to Cana after he dies (47:27-31).

Analysis:  The genius of this history is its twists and turns, aptly indicating that things may not be as they physically seem.  Believing that they always are is stupid…That some folk have been given more and better abilities than others can be a point of resentment.  This phenomena leads to the attempted destruction of Joseph (37:20-27)…Jesus dismisses acts of jealousy like this one with the talent parable (Matt. 25:14-30)…It’s not what we’ve been given, it’s what we do with what we’ve been given…Like Jesus, Joseph was favored by his father (37:3 vs. Matt. 3:17)…Both were despised by their brothers (37:24 vs. Matt. 27:35-37)…Each became a blessing to the Gentiles (41:1-45 vs. Eph. 5:25-32)…Finally, both reconciled with their brothers (45:1-15 vs. Rom. 11:1-26)…This blog is a little long…What do you expect for a novel review?