Psalm 105, 106

Review:  In 105, the covenants with the patriarch’s are reviewed (vv. 8-15)…The story of Joseph (vv. 16-22) is retold…Eight of the ten “plagues” of Egypt (vv. 23-26) are recalled…The Exodus (vv. 37-43) from Egypt results, eventually, in their promised land arrival (vv. 44-45)… In 106, the same history is recounted from the viewpoint of the weaknesses of Israel, beginning with a rebellion in the crossing of the Red Sea (vv. 6-12, cp. Ex. 14:10-12)…Continuing onto the wilderness (vv. 13-15) and the Dathan and Abriam (vv. 16-18, cp. Num. 16) affair…Idol worship (vv. 19-23) at Horeb…Israel grumbles (vv. 24-27)…More idols are worshipped (vv. 28-31, cp. Num. 25) in Baal of Peor’s temple and in the promised land (vv. 34-36) itself…For Israel’s sins were consequences (vv. 40-43)…All of if, forces Israel back to the LORD (vv. 44-48).

Analysis:  These two Psalms are historic recounting the history of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt…Idolatry, that is putting something in the place of God, certainly was a persistent problem…In many ways, these Psalms complement Psalm 78 and are studied together to contrast God’s light vs. Israel’s darkness and recount what God had seen Israel through (105:1-6)…This struggle is ongoing.