Psalm 37 (NRSV)

Psalm 37 (The Message)

I think this chapter of Psalms is a great reminder to stay true to what matters most and to not get caught up too much in the wants, pride, privilege, and arrogance that surrounds us. I think some of the CEOs of this world could use this passage as a reminder to not be too greedy. I think our current president could benefit from reading this passage daily.

I remember back to my youth, and there was a saying at the time that was popular, and screen printed on t-shirts that said “Those who have the most toys still die.” The point, of course, it that even if you had everything in the world that you could ever want, you still have to die eventually. Dale reminded us of this in his message last Sunday. Those two certainties of life, death and taxes. In that same sermon, Dale told a story about a man who was dying and wanted to take some of his stuff with him to heaven. He was granted one suitcase to take with by the angel. So the man filled the largest suitcase he could find with as many gold bars as he could. Worth billions here on Earth I’m sure. When he gets to the gate and is questioned by St. Peter about what was in the suitcase, the reply from Peter was “You brought paving with you?” The same thing that was worth so much to the man on Earth was worthless in heaven because, ya know, the streets in heaven are paved in gold, aren’t they? The point being that all the fame and fortune here on Earth is worth nothing in heaven. So rather than storing up treasures here, we should be storing up treasures for our heavenly future.

So how are you living my life? Of course, we all will falter. I know I fall off the wagon all the time. But, by the grace given to us through Jesus, if we remain faithful to Him, we will be invited to an amazing place where evil will no longer exist. We will be mistreated time and time again, and have many who will try to mislead us. But if we stay the course, even if we seemingly have little now, we will have so much more when our time comes to be called up to heaven.