Psalm 139

Review:  The first bit (vv. 1-6) admits the omniscience of God…..Next (vv. 7-12), is David’s understanding of divine omniscience.  It describes the human effort to escape God either up (heaven), down (hell), by air, by water, by day, or by night as folly…..The third strope (vv. 13-18) is on the human construct and God’s role in it…..Finally, David turns his attention to the enemies of God – the murderer’s (v. 19), those who outwardly oppose (v. 20) and contrasts them to his own efforts to follow Him (vv. 23-24).

Commentary:  If this is not the strongest of the Psalms, it is certainly competitive…..Each verse is worthy of a study on their own…..For those who follow God, Paul summarizes our path (Acts 17:28)…..All of it, God knows – our thoughts and actions before they become our thoughts and actions (vv. 1-6)…..The going’s on in our Mother’s womb, where we were constructed, was divinely guided (vv. 13-16), including our gender…..Again, there has always been those opposed to God, and His people, and His ways (vv. 19-20) contrasted to His followers (vv. 23-24)…..Why?  A complete answer to that is beyond David (vv. 5-6)…..Certainly, contrast is a factor…..God has authored light and darkness…..God has awarded us with all that is good (Gen. 1:31, James 1:17) and permitted evil (Isa. 45:6-7, 46:9-10, Col. 1:16) in all it’s forms…..Why?  To make human beings responsible for most, we’re not responsible for our being or our general situation, of what happens…..What I’m trying to say is that there is an unknown connection between God and evil.  There is a known connection between fallen humanity and evil, whether it’s admitted or not…..God’s folk are to stand for God and His values (Deut. 28, Luke 12:48, Gal. 6:5, Col. 3:23) against the spectacle of both the rot and decay of the earth and it’s peoples.  Living so glorifies God (Isa. 25:1, Ps. 29:1-2, 115:1, Matt. 5:16, Jn. 3:30, Rev. 7:12) which is what we’re here to do.  It also gives us something to look forward to (Rev. 21:4)…..The historical examples (Deut. 4:9, Zech. 1:4, 1 Cor. 15:6-11) of evil are to propel the follower to resist (Prov. 7:25-26, Luke 11:4, 1 Cor. 10:13, James 4:7) and do something about the surrounding rot and decay.