Micah 1-2

Review:  There is general agreement that the writing of this book (1:1) was during the time of Hezekiah’s (727-698 BC) kingship…..Micah begins with a prophecy against Israel (1:2-5) and continues, like Amos (Amos 1:3-2:5), with prophecies against Israel’s neighbors (1:6-16).  All of these places and their significance, with the exception of Jerusalem, is unknowable at this point…..The next section is a typical example of prophecy against social injustice of the “have’s” vs. “the have not’s” (2:1-5) as land was the primary source of of wealth…..Micah reports the criticism he has received (2:6-7) for his remarks (cp. 2:1-5)…..Micah is addressing those who are paying attention to God (2:7), not those who aren’t…..Deliverance is promised to the faithful (2:12-13).

Commentary:  This passage is typical of the entire Bible.  There are those on the side of God, and those opposed…..In Jerusalem, the LORD’s coming judgement (1:2-5) was not viewed as surprising…..As to the efficacy of Micah’s prophecy, Samaria fell in 722 BC to the Assyrian’s…..Jerusalem, due to it’s sinful leadership (2:1-4), fell too – over 100 years later…..One could say that Micah was right concerning Samaria, Judah, and Jerusalem, they did fall.  His timing was a bit of on Jerusalem…..Regarding the issue of time.  One might view the passage of time as an expression of God’s grace.  In effect, He is granting us more time to get our act together (2 Pet. 3:4-9) to delay judgement….. The principle of “might makes right” is brought into question by the LORD (2:3-5)…..The chief reason for the issue of false prophets (2:6) was the unpopular of messages of the true prophets…..”We must not only obtain Wisdom: we must enjoy her.” – Marcus Tulles Cicero