Hebrews 11:  “By faith…”  in the 60’s, Curtis Mayfield told us that “All You Need Is Faith” in the song he sang…the preacher of the sermon in Hebrews tells us the same thing, all you need is faith.  But what is faith?  Here, the preacher says that faith provides a guarantee…something you can hang your hope on – that hope is not some crazy dream…that there is substance and a sense of reality for the hearers of the sermon in the first century and for us today.  Faith provides a foundation that is strong and secure and that which guides us and gives us courage to move forward…stepping out into uncharted waters.

In this chapter, known as the “Great Hall of Faith” we find great stalwarts of faith like Noah, Moses, Abraham, Sarah.  When was the last time you read Hebrews Chapter 11? I encourage you to read it today…right now – just click on the “Hebrews 11” link above then consider the following devotional thought…

Devotional Thought:  What is the state of your faith today?