Genesis 27

Review: Having previously swindled Esau of his birthright (Gen. 25:27-34), Jacob with his Mother’s encouragement (vv. 1-17) obtains Esau’s blessing (vv. 18-29)…..Comically, Rebecca helps Jacob deceive his blind father, Issac (vv. 15-16)…..Esau has been swindled by his brother again (vv. 34-38)…..Enraged, Esau confesses revenge to his Mother (vv. 41-42) who then advises Jacob to “run for his life” to his brother Laban (vv. 43-46).

Commentary: No one’s words or actions appeal to my eyes…..Possibly the most interesting character in the OT is Issac – beginning with his unlikely birth (Gen. 21:1-8), continuing to his near murder by the hands of his father, Abraham (Gen. 22:1-14), to his curious courtship of Rebecca (Gen. 24), his lapse (Gen. 26:6-16) just like his “old man” (Gen. 20) – a “chip off the old block” he is, his controversial occupation (Gen. 26:17-22), his faith (Gen. 26:23-25) this Jacob & Esau  affair, and finally at the end of his life he makes peace with Jacob (Gen. 35:27-29)…..The Hebrew meaning of the name Jacob is crooked…..Jacob is a reprobate in today’s passage, beyond question…..Later on, he improved admirably (Gen. 35:1-15) and reconciled with Esau (Gen. 33:1-16)…..The “tale of the tape” for Esau is that of irresponsibility in the sale of his birthright (Gen. 25:27-34) and marriage to multiple Canaanite women (Gen. 26:34-35, cp. 36:1-3)…..God’s choosing to work through Jacob and Rebecca led to the formation of Israel (Gen. 32:22-32), eventually leading to Christ (Luke 3:34-38)…..This history is so sorted, couldn’t God had created a better, cleaner, formation of Israel?