Psalm 13

Gen 26. 23-25

Luke 17. 1-4

Jesus told His disciples that people were going to come into theirs lives that would be trouble to them.  He called them stumbling blocks.  So be aware, people will use you for your good nature, to gain something for themselves.  People will ask for your help, money, time, then after you have responded well to them they will forget you were ever there.  I personally have given time and expertise to many friends who, when I call for their help in return,  have no qualms about being too busy to help, or promise to be there but never show up.  It’s happened so many times that I have become so cynical that I honestly expect no one to ever return a good deed.  Jesus says , “Woe to them.  If though they come to you in repentance, forgive them.”

Psalms 13, is a cry from David for help from God for his enemies have come upon him.  I suppose that means those that are stumbling blocks to him. I don’t like to think of having enemies, but I guess those people who just take and never give back are in fact enemies.  They don’t have time for you, they don’t have concern for you, they don’t care if you are stranded, they just don’t care.  David says God, Elohim, cares.  He says His loving kindness abounds, and when all others drop the ball, God is there.

Genesis 26. 23-25, Isaac has been digging wells in a land he thought he was welcomed into, only to find the people of the land are filling them in behind him saying he wasn’t welcome to their water.  It’s no small matter to dig a well, sometimes going as far down as forty feet, to find the water table, then laying a stone wall on the way up to contain the water and maintain the opening.  It’s hard work, and time consuming, then to arise and find that’s been filled in overnight, might well be overwhelming.  It’s almost like not being welcome there.  So Isaac moves and moves to where no one cares anymore, then God shows up to pledge his pleasure with him and vows “I am with you, and will bless you, and multiply your descendants.”

Trouble and enemies can come into our lives daily, and sometimes without notice.  Be aware, and call out to Jesus, He really is a comfort, and a help in time of need.