John 1:35-42  In this passage, Jesus calls his first disciples – 2 of which have been following John the Baptist around the countryside.  Jesus asks a very interesting question, “What are you looking for?”  The disciples answer, “where are you staying?”.  Don’t you find this interesting?  John the Baptist has been talking about the One who is coming into the world…the Light…and these individuals want to know where Jesus is staying.  Life is like this as well.  “What are you looking for?” is often asked but what we are looking for is different on different days.  Take Sunday morning for example…on average we have about 200 who come through the doors of First Pres and if you took a poll of all of them you would get a lot of different answers to the question, “What are you looking for?”.  This week begins VBS and, again, as the many children and parents of these children come through our doors, the question would get some interesting answers I would bet.  Some are curious…some are coming because mom and dad said they had to…some are looking to deepen their journey with Christ…parents want their children to know more about Jesus…some are hurting.  Each would answer the question in a different way.

Jesus responded to those that day…”Come and see.”  Jesus invited them to come take a look, see what he had to offer…to come and hang out with him for a while.  “What are you looking for?” – many are looking…won’t you invite them to “Come and see”…to come and hang out with you for a time…to get to know them and for them to get to know you…for them (and you) to hang out with Jesus for a while.  “Come and see”.