Psalms 104. 24-34

Numbers 11.24-30

John 7.37-39

Psalms 104.  The Psalmist starts this song with the majesty of Jehovah his Elohim, then declares the creation of  the animals, fish, birds all living as God had planned for them to live, and acknowledges that God himself feeds them and sustains them,  he ends by praying that his thoughts and ponderings be constantly on God.  He wants to be continually and ever mindful of his Creator.

Numbers 11.  Moses calls 70 elders from the camp of Israel to the tent of meeting, by God’s direction, to help Moses share his duties and burdens associated with leading the nation.  The scripture then says the Spirit of God came upon them and they prophesied, i.e. spoke mysteries of God, showing they were accepted by God.  When 2 of the men failed to come to the tent of meeting, the Spirit of God fell on them also, causing some concern that there might be a jealousy in Moses, seeing that he now wasn’t the only one favored highly by God.  Moses response was something like, “O that all of Israel might be filled with His Holy Spirit.”

John 7. 37-39.  Jesus calls out in the temple on the last day of the Feast of Booths, from Isaiah 55, “If anyone is thirsty,  let him come to Me and drink.  He who believes in me, as the scripture says, ‘From his innermost being shall flow streams of living water.’ ” He was speaking of the Holy Spirit, who had not yet been given.

The connection in these portions of scripture is the picture that God fills us with His Spirit when we are consumed by Him. The song goes, “When I rise in the morning give me Jesus,”  and all day long until bedtime give me Jesus.  Dale posed a question a day or so ago about critiquing the way our church approaches ministry, ( at least that’s how I perceived it) and I think sometimes we separate ministry from life as though it were something that could be turned on and off.  All these passages refer to being saturated with God, who fills us, teaches us, guides our path, comforts us, heals us, blesses us, provides, sustains, and consumes our very being.

I saw the hand of God work in a miraculous way this weekend with Joliet Alive on Chicago Street, giving away basically a grocery store of food to the needy.  He provided health screenings, job fair, a cookout, youth activities, and evangelism so no one could be confused as to the purpose behind the generosity.  But the food didn’t get there by itself, somebody had to load and unload the trucks, somebody had to set the tent up, some body had to hand out the food, preach, screen, help, teach, every step of the way a Christian, filled with the Spirit was obeying God’s call to them.  Let God consume you!