Risk…is it part of your life?  Sure it is!!  Nearly every day we face risk in many forms.  Every time we drive a car or ride a bike…making life decisions like how much time to study for a quiz or test or going through that intersection on the yellow light. There are even times when risk is present yet we push it to the background like in the foods we eat or even riding your bike to get ice cream. There are many examples of risk – things we often steer clear of because of the negative implications.  Today, though, I want to talk about good risk.

Good risk?  Please read Matthew 25:14-30 (The Message translation)

Jesus is talking about the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus is telling the story – a parable.  Now it’s easy to get lost in details, however, in parables, Jesus always makes a clear point…which usually comes with a shock factor.  For you and I, today – just like those listening to Jesus then, the shock factor for us comes when we see ourselves in the parable.

In today’s parable, there are some things we often overlook.  First, the master gave no instructions as to what to do with the great wealth he distributed.  Second, when the first 2 servants report to the master, the context is one of joy on their part – they couldn’t wait for him to start counting.

Then there is the 3rd servant.  Some see him treated unfairly…until you understand the point Jesus is making in this parable.  While this 3rd servant is making excuses about not having lost any of the money and that he didn’t hold anything back when the master returned, Jesus is saying that the kingdom of heaven is like those who tend to the kingdom now while we await Christ’s return. This parable is about living faithfully – living responsibly and making good decisions.  Each of us has a responsibly to take initiative and to risk in a good way rather than burying what we’ve been given and not risking anything.  Faithfulness goes beyond obedience…each servant must decide how to use the opportunities given in the master’s absence.  Are you taking risks for the kingdom or sitting on what’s been given to you?


P.S.  Pastor Bo wanted me to pass on to you his apologies for not getting his blog done yesterday – he has been reading statements of faith by our confirmands.