Exodus 3-4

Review:  The bush, fire, and the mountain of God are all linked forming a theophany at Sinai.  Moses removing his sandals expresses awe in the presences of YHWH (3:1-6)…..Moses is given the position of prophet or acting as God’s spokesman (see Jer. 1:7, 26:12-15)…..A divine response presupposes difficulty (3:7-9)…..Moses is directly sent to Egypt (3:10, 12-13)…..The “land flowing with milk and honey” (3:8) is already inhabited by other peoples…..This identification of YHWH (3:13-15) links His reality with history…..A commission is formed within Israel (3:16-17) for this venture out of Egypt and into Canaan…..God provides provisions, through the Egyptian, for their trip (3:21-22)…..Signs are given in the forms of Moses’ staff (4:2-4) and his healed leprous hand (4:6-8) to reassure Israel…..Moses needs his own reassurance due to his inability to publicly speak (4:10). To this, YHWH provides Moses with help (4:11-12) and a spokesman, Aaron (4:14-16)…..Moses and his family return to Egypt to deliver a prophetic message to Pharaoh (4:22-23)…..God seemingly attempts to kill Moses and is rescued by his wife’s (4:24-26) quick surgery on their son…..Aaron and Moses meet to deliver a message of Exodus to Israel (4:27-31).

Commentary:  It seems, although it proves nothing, that God moves on many fronts in grouping of three…..The meeting at the “burning bush” (3:3-4) happened because Moses sought it…..YHWH’s work with Moses identifies Himself to Israel and keeps promises made to Abraham’s posterity (Gen. 12:1-3)…..The leprosy (4:6-7) on Moses’ hand was caused by God to illustrate a point to Israel.  Moses covering his heart stands for what he is, his hand for what he does…..What we are, ultimately, we do (cp. Luke 6:43-45)…..The two signs, Moses’ rod and cleansed hand speak to his preparation for service to God.  The cleansed hand, done by a renewed heart (Isa. 52:11), holds the rod of God’s power…..Moses’ tentative response to God (4:1-7) is a typical human reply…..The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart by God (4:21) is both troubling and necessary for the Exodus…..The circumcision of Moses’ son reiterates forgetful Israel’s relationship with God (Gen. 17:9-14) and reminds one of Jacob confronting God and death (Gen. 32:24-32) prior to his journey to the same “land flowing with milk and honey” (Gen. 35:1-7)….  .What have I missed?