Joshua 1:9

John 16:33

Romans 8:37-39

Apologies for tardiness on today’s reflection. I nearly forgot that it was my day.

Recently, I was challenged to think of a time when I was courageous. This following seeing a video clip about a WW2 hero who sacrificed his own well-being to save his fellow soldiers. Ummm, I can’t contend with that. I can think about many people who lived much more courageous lives than me. Veterans of wars. Past presidents who were left to make world-changing decisions. Martin Luther King, Jr. King David. The list could go on. What have I possibly done in my life that comes close to matching these people?

But maybe I am spending too much time comparing myself to people who were in extraordinary circumstances. As more people shared stories of courage in their lives, I began to think more about the mundane events of life that we face every day that require courage. It might be making a decision in our profession, being a parent, overcoming a fear of public speaking to stand in front of people and give a speech. We ALL face times in our lives when we have to show courage, more than we may ever even realize.

Each day I walk the halls of Crone Middle School facing the daily trials of 11-14 year olds; each day I live to teach Creighton what he needs in life; taking on the challenge of running another half marathon; walking onto the baseball field as an umpire; all of these take a certain amount of courage.
Too often, I let my nerves and emotions get the best of me. But every day, I keep working to find a different kind of courage. Not courage that I have within myself, that I can gain from my own power. The courage I wish to have more often is the kind that comes from faith in One who has complete authority over all things. In the end, we can have courage because the One who overcame death on a cross has our backs. I still forget this all too often, but I can keep working on my faith. I am making it my goal over the next few days to remember these passages from Joshua, John, and Romans and how I can have courage because of who I have on my side. I encourage each of you to do the same.