Genesis 1     Matthew 28 

In these 2 chapters, I think you find a great summary of our Bible…God created the heavens and the earth – he created everything good…he created humankind in his image – he created us to care for the earth and all the others he created…in his image.  But, as we know, the first humans strayed from the perfect world God created and the perfect relationship humanity first enjoyed with its creator.  But, as we know, just at the right time God sent humanity Jesus to show us who God really is and to restore, in part, the relationship humans can have with their creator.  Jesus taught a small group at first…12 to be exact and these 12 quickly multiplied and then these disciples (which means learners, students) became his church.  And after Jesus showed humanity who God really is, he turned over the keys of his church to these learners/students and said go and make more disciples…make my church grow – I’ll be with you until I come again.

Our kids sang in church yesterday.  They had a tough and challenging message if we were really listening.  It is easy to get caught up in the the stuff around us and stray away from our relationship with Jesus – to think more of ourselves than others.  If you look closely at the picture I took while the kids were singing you’ll see some powerful words – living so people are blessed is not about thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less…ways to be like Jesus.  Jesus…the one who showed us who God really is and who tells each of us, in our own way – using the individual gifts God gave us – to go and make more disciples teaching them about Jesus.

So, when you are frustrated about all the assorted problems of our world today, ask yourself if you are making a difference.  Like our kids, Matthew West has a challenging song for those who claim to be followers of Christ….