Today’s Text:  Colossians 1:3-20

Let me ask you…Do you need a King?  On the surface, you most likely would not agree.  We are Americans.  We have a democracy.  But…you know that’s not what I am asking…

Paul’s powerful words in Colossians, provide a foundation for the church.  One that is lasting and secure.  Understanding who our real king is, provides a foundation of faith…love…hope.

A foundation that produces rich soil for specific behaviors to take root and thrive in those who claim to follow Jesus.  This is the heart of SUBMISSION.  Our last SERVANT value and very appropriate this Good Friday.  Submission…Christ did…So we…COULD.  Notice I said COULD not would.  Could…it implies a pending decision.  Regarding how we live…our vocation.  Our calling to submit, to yield, to Christ as our king.  And serve HIM.

Good Friday is more than just knowing what happened.  It’s more than knowledge.  Paul has told us time and again…in 1st Corinthians…in Romans…and again…in Colossians.  Paul provides for us what real living should look like.  If …Jesus is our king.  Our lives, “Will bear fruit as we grow in the knowledge of God’s will.”

If we know why Jesus was on that cross.  If we submit to Jesus as king of our life.  And the church.  This knowledge becomes living – living in right actions and attitudes.  It’s our SERVANT values: Spirit-filled; Empathy; Renewal; Visibly seeking out; All together; Nearing God; Teaching; Submission.  Values identified by the dirt under each of our finger nails, for they are constantly being worked into the ground of our being.  If….Jesus is our king.

SERVANT Values that are lived out generously, joyfully…giving thanks to God.  Those who submit to Jesus as their king, understand a reckless extravagance in their living.  Extravagance known to them because of God’s generosity toward them.  Generosity in and on that cross.

If Jesus is our king, OUR generosity is lived out without boundaries through our SERVANT values to the poor, the outcast, the stranger…even those we find it hard to love.

If Jesus is your king, our SERVANT values are a constant reminder of our call to live as SERVANTS.  So let your living be grounded this way:  you are the only Bible some people may ever read…you are the only Jesus some people may ever see.   Jesus is calling you to serve him by serving others.

If Jesus is your king, you will respond.  You will live out our SERVANT values, because OTHERS… need to know who has already won the war!!