Good Friday… What is so good about it?

For Christ, the journey to the cross, started long before he set foot in Jerusalem. It started long before the heaven opened and the voice from heaven proclaimed: This is my Son! Good Friday became good when it was first promised, in the very Garden where God walked along side Adam & Eve. Good Friday was good because of the promise it carried, a promise that brought Creator and Creation side by side. Good Friday was good, with all the messiness the pain and suffering, Good Friday was good. Without the goodness of this day, Christ’s suffering and sacrifice would be just a painful, hard to talk about day in our history. And that submission of the Christ to the will of God, that moment of “let your will be done”, that moment of the last breath on the cross that uttered: It is over; that is what makes this Friday Good. It is good because is a day about hope found in promises kept, it is good because it is about seeing the redemption Christ brought as he carried his cross on the way to Golgotha.

Today i want to encourage you to rejoice in the sadness that this day brings. It is the day the Lord carried our sins to the cross, but it is also the day that God fulfilled his promise.

If you have a little time today please read John 18-19 and let the events of the day speak to your heart.

Be blessed,

Bo M.