Psalm 31:9-16New International Version (NIV)

Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am in distress;
    my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
    my soul and body with grief.
10 My life is consumed by anguish
    and my years by groaning;
my strength fails because of my affliction,[a]
    and my bones grow weak.
11 Because of all my enemies,
    I am the utter contempt of my neighbors
and an object of dread to my closest friends—
    those who see me on the street flee from me.
12 I am forgotten as though I were dead;
    I have become like broken pottery.
13 For I hear many whispering,
    “Terror on every side!”
They conspire against me
    and plot to take my life.

14 But I trust in you, Lord;
    I say, “You are my God.”
15 My times are in your hands;
    deliver me from the hands of my enemies,
    from those who pursue me.
16 Let your face shine on your servant;
    save me in your unfailing love.

This has been another week when the news carry out the new reality of the world we live: pain, terror, anger and a lot of distress. That reality, at times, makes me silent, angry, afraid you name it… It goes so deep that my prayer becomes nothing more than Lord have mercy.
Today’s Psalm just came along those lines, but with a little hope for each one of us reading. When God is our foundation, there is Hope, there is Love and there is redemption. And with that in mind i get up and go in to a new day trying to do my own best to be a voice for the hope.
I encourage you today to pray this psalm as your own, and let your life become a symbol of God’s hope.
Be blessed,
Bo M.