As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in my friends den in Holland, MI. I love coming up here, a few times a year, since i get to see them and spend time with them. As most visits go, we talk about what’s new, about what is old, a little politics and so on, we enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants downtown, while we remember some of the many moments we got to enjoy since we known each other.

And that is the beauty of these visits for me, that feeling of familiar, of we know each other, we share with one another in a way that is meaningful. It is more than walking down the memory lane, it is about meaningful relationship that we keep alive and enjoy every chance we have.

Our walk with God, is something along those lines. Sometimes it might be the familiar, the walking down the memory lanes reminiscing of the times past, sometimes is about the new and exciting time that we live in, and sometimes is about just walking along side. But whatever the aspect of that walk, at the end of the day the walk is about knowing each other, knowing God and letting God close to you.

I want to encourage you to read Jesus’s prayer for his disciples as found in John 17:6-26. Jesus knew his disciples, and he knew the things that they will need in the days to come. And his words capture the struggle that will knock at their door. Jesus prayer is a prayer that comes form a close walk with his disciples, from a familiar place.

Let your prayers come from the same place, from knowing the God of grace,  praying for yourself and people around you the things that are comes from a deep place of knowing of being familiar. let each day become a walk along side with your savior, with yourself and those that God brings in your life.


Be blessed,

Bo M.