Psalm 95 (The Message)

Psalm 95 (NIV)

Exodus 16:27-35 (NIV))

Sing for joy, worship, and “Drop everything and listen, listen as he [God] speaks…”  The Psalmist is caught up in the worship of God who is great, wonderful, awesome, and the Good Shepherd (also see John 10, Jesus as the Good Shepherd). We read in verse 7 “We’re the people he pastures, the flock he feeds.”

The worship of God who created us, provides for us, and loves us as the Good Shepherd should move into listening and doing what God wants or instructs us to do.  Jesus said the same thing to his disciples in John Chapter 14, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching” (John 14:23).

The Psalmist cautions us to hear, listen, and follow the Lord God.  He uses a negative example of the Israelites, the people of God, in the wilderness disobeying what God told them to do.  You can read about it in Exodus 16.  They are given manna, bread for the day, and are told to only collect one days worth of food each day.  They were to trust that God would provide the next day again for each one.  Instead, some wouldn’t trust and collected more than a days worth of food.  They were also told on the day before the sabbath to collect two day worth of food so they could rest and enjoy the sabbath day trusting God to provide.  Some disobey and do not trust the Lord.

Today sing for joy, worship the Lord, and drop everything to listen when God speaks to you.  What can you do today to trust God and obey as a follower of Jesus?