Psalm 128; Numbers 21:4-9; Hebrews 3:1-6


The section of Hebrews talking about Jesus being greater than Moses got me thinking about how the people of that time must have reacted. This led me to think about the time John Lennon said the Beatles where more popular than Jesus and the outrage ensued.  Of course, what Lennon said was less based on religion and more on the insane popularity of the Beatles at the time.  However this passage in Hebrews comes from a prophet who was proclaiming the Word of God and what should be done in a post Jesus era.

At that time, Moses would have been seen as one of, if not the greatest prophet.  He had brought the Israelites out of Egypt, through the desert and to the edge for the promise land.  In addition to all of that – he had communicated the laws by which God’s followers should live. 

Can you imagine the massive shock to the people of the New Testament days!  They were being told that Jesus should be held in a higher regard then Moses –  the prophet they had been adhering to for centuries.  I’m sure the reaction was a mix of confusion from some and anger from others.

It is a great reminder to us during this lenten season that Jesus Christ is the greatest figure to have ever lived.  He trumps Moses and even the Beatles.  In these days of so many people following celebrities and political figures – may we remember that first and foremost we follow Jesus!


Will Ward