Psalm 51

“Change My Heart, O God”…we sing it in church as a response to confession many times.  This is a wonderful psalm – one that has, and continues to provide perspective on the meaning of confession.  Psalm 51 can provide a daily reminder and help for us as we journey during this season we call Lent…40 days for us to focus on the things that cause us to turn away from our God…the God who is ever patient…waiting for us to turn back to him.

This is a Psalm of David, a man after God’s heart – one who has stumbled…Bathsheba was her name and Nathan, the prophet, has pointed it out to David in a  clear and succinct way…”you are the man” David…(2 Samuel 12)

While this Psalm is a good understanding of confession, there is a very important perspective…”Because I know my wrongdoings…”  Like all of us, David has wrongdoings – the things that turn us away from God. Key to this Psalm is the recognition by David, and, likewise, our recognition as well.  In this light, the message is simple – no matter who we are or what we do…we can always come to God seeking restoration.  Restoration that brings joy…faithful service…fellowship…the promises of restoration in and with God all by God’s grace.

During Lent, we set aside time to understand the ultimate grace of God as we reflect on Jesus…his life, death, burial, and resurrection.  And like the song we often sing…when we turn away from God, we can be confident in the grace of God made real in Jesus that allows us to turn back to God: “Change my heart, O God, make it ever true.  Change my heart, O God, may I be like you…”

As you go through Lent, let’s focus on God changing our hearts from the things that cause us not to be like the one who went to the cross for us…Jesus.  And in these 40 days reaffirming the immense and unfailing grace of the God we can turn to time and again!!  If you’d like to add this song to your daily Lenten journey, you can find it here: “Change My Heart, O God”