The idea behind this blog comes from a piece of music by the same title by David Holsinger,” that I am practicing with JJC’s Community Band on Monday nights.  I have played clarinet with this group for over 30 years now – time fly’s.  For your listening pleasure…

The inspiration for this program music comes from harrowing passages in the Book of Genesis (12:1-14:16, 19:1-38), having to do with Abram, later Abraham, and his attempts to save Lot and his family from the destructive influences and ultimate divine judgement of Sodom.  These passages cover a fair amount of ground, far more than we cover in a session of MBS on Saturday morning’s.  Summarizing it all, one can say…

  • Abram is Lot’s uncle (12:5).  Their heritage (11:31), upbringing, and environment are nearly identical.
  • Abram, Sarai,  and Lot had sufficient faith  (15:6, 2 Pet. 2:7-8) that they, and their servants (12:6-9) were chosen by God to venture to Canaan to lead the expansion of God’s kingdom (12:1-3) on earth.
  • Abram chooses a quiet, rural, godly setting for them to live (13:1-4) on.
  • Lot and his family, wanting “more out of life” separate themselves from Abram & Sarai.  They are drawn by the “greener pastures” (13:10-11) of Sodom’s valley (12:12-13).  Eventually, they becomes entrapped the valley’s civil war (14:1-12).  Abram hear’s of Lot’s family plight and assembles a rescue squad (14:14-16) to remove them from the conflict.
  • A period of time passes (14:17-18:33).   Lot and his family, having not seen and experienced enough, return to Sodom.   Lot gains power through government employment (19:1) and coincidently loses the power to control his own family (19:4-14).
  • God decides to foreclose Sodom.  He sends two angels in the form of ordinary men (19:1) to rescue  (19:15-22) Lot and his family from Sodom, prior to burning the place to the ground (19:12-13, 23-25).

The lessons taught from this encounter are many, including the following…

  1. It seems God has influenced human activities through the application of His angels can be skinned as humans (19:1).  This may or may not be happening today.  The belief of this depends on one’s perspective and faith.
  2. Because of this history, Sodom & Gomorrah are used as an example in our Bible and elsewhere of evil personified (cp. Isa. 1:9-10, Jer. 49:18, Matt. 10:15, Jude 7, etc.) and the absolute destruction it can bring.
  3. Even those chosen by God are morally influenced to their detriment by the company they keep and their environment (19:30-36).
  4. Finally, there appears to be two varieties of God’s chosen and followers, even within families.  There is the “Lot” variety – those heavily influenced and takes a liking to our fallen world.  There are the “Abraham” variety – those more (no one is perfect, including Abram and Sarai (12:10-20, 16:1-16) more heavily influenced by God; who reject much of our fallen world, and more Spiritually driven.