Psalm 119:9-16 (NIV)

James 2:1-13 (NIV)

James 2:1-13 (The Message)

The commands are good and lead to life and Psalm 119 reminds us of the importance of God’s word and commands.  At the heart of God’s word, way, laws, decrees, commands is mercy.   God’s foundational rationale is about love.   The “royal law found in Scripture” is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  When we do that we are “doing right.”  Sometimes that’s easier to think about than to live out.  Some people are easy to love while others are tough to love.  Yet we are commanded to love.  How should we love?  What does love look like?  According to James we need to be merciful.

Favoritism, as we see in our world and culture, is not right.  God has a heart for the poor and expects us to have one as well.  And in God’s way of life, it’s mercy that wins.  “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (NIV) Or as The Message translates, “Kind mercy wins over harsh judgment every time.”

We need and thrive upon the mercy of God.  Therefore God expects us to show mercy.  Today, let’s remember that mercy wins.  How should be treat others?  Think mercy, live mercy, show mercy.  May Christ’s mercy flow through us throughout this day and always.  Mercy wins.