As I write this, Max (the lovely full of energy white fluff some describe as a dog) is sleeping by me, and as the day comes to an end I am reminded that we all get weary, tired, and sometimes we lose our focus and stamina. We all have that happening to us at one time or another. When I get there I turn to prayer, and today I want to share another Early Christian Prayer with you that captures the essence of who we are:

Lord, because you have made me, I owe you the whole of my love; because you have redeemed me, I owe you the whole of myself; because you have promised so much, I owe you my whole being. Moreover, I owe you as much more love than myself as you are greater than I, for whom you gave yourself and to whom you promised yourself. I pray you, Lord, make me taste by love what I taste by knowledge; let me know by love what I know by understanding. I owe you more than my whole self, but I have no more, and by myself I cannot render the whole of it to you. Draw me to you, Lord, in the fullness of your love. I am wholly yours by creation; make me all yours, too, in love.
(Anselm 1033-1109)

Be blessed,

Bo M.