Genesis 27

One of the lectionary scriptures for today have to do with the ongoing family feud between Issac & Rebecca’s sons.  From the story we’re presented, the following points need to be made…

  1. The name “Jacob” means “crooked” in the Hebrew language.
  2. The manner in which the story plays out is similar to the rivalry hunters, represented by Esau, and shepherds, represented by Jacob had with one another.
  3. Jacob, the youngest son, becomes the inheritor of the blessing and heir to the promised land with the aid of his Mother Rebecca.
  4. Jacob cheated Esau (v. 36) not once but twice (25:27-34, 27:27-33).
  5. Esau brought misfortune on himself by selling his birthright (25:33), his polygamist marriage to Hittite wives (26:34-35), and his murderous rage (27:41).

While it’s true that Jacob lives up to his name in this instance, it’s also true that Jacob’s subsequent life sets in motion God’s plan up through Christ (Matt. 1:1-17) while Esau had a destiny of his own (Gen. 36).

Examples such as this one bring to light the subject of the omniscience of God.  In this account, we learn of Jacob’s scandalous actions and yet God chose to work through him because he eventually came around (Gen. 28: 10-22, 32), even making amends with Esau (Gen.33:1-16).  For this reason, we should not sell ourselves or others surrounding us short or “give up” in any situation.  Today is passing away.   It may have no relationship whatsoever to what God has in store (1 Cor. 2:6-9) for tomorrow.  Only God knows and holds the future.