John 12:37-41 

The Message (MSG)

Their Eyes Are Blinded

36-40 Jesus said all this, and then went into hiding. All these God-signs he had given them and they still didn’t get it, still wouldn’t trust him. This proved that the prophet Isaiah was right:

God, who believed what we preached?
Who recognized God’s arm, outstretched and ready to act?

First they wouldn’t believe, then they couldn’t—again, just as Isaiah said:

Their eyes are blinded,
    their hearts are hardened,
So that they wouldn’t see with their eyes
    and perceive with their hearts,
And turn to me, God,
    so I could heal them.

41 Isaiah said these things after he got a glimpse of God’s cascading brightness that would pour through the Messiah.


New Year’s Eve! For many this day comes as a relief, a closing to a chapter kind off a day. A way to close the books on all that is been 2016. News outlets are really good at reminding us what a year this has been. From tremendous loss, to conflicts and mayhem, 2016 seems to stand out on its own.

But I have to ask: Where do you stand in all of this? What is your reality? What is your today’s forecast looks like?

For me there is a sense of peace as I go through my day. Yes there is that doom and gloom reality that I am not as young as I once was, that I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Yes there is the daily insecurity of life that comes knocking at my door, and the pressure to panic every time I watch the news. But I find peace! I find peace because of my faith, because of God’s faith and faithfulness. I find peace because I know peace, I had experienced that God given gift time and time again. And when my world is rocked, when the storms roll in, I remember what God has done.

So I want to encourage you today, as you think about your own journey through 2016, with all your joys, accomplishments, fears and whatnots, I want to encourage you to remember who Jesus is to you. Let that glimpse of God that you know, spark brighter than the darkness or despair of this world.

I pray that 2017 will be a year of faith for all of us, a year when we can not just believe but live out our faith with confidence that we can see God in our own reality.

Be blessed,

Bo M