Today’s Passage:  Matthew 25:14-30

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”  Words any one of us would like to hear on any given day.  Words we, as Christians, long to hear that day when we are greeted by the Master.

The man or Master represents Jesus.  The servants entrusted with the talents symbolize members of the church.  The talents represent large sums of wealth given to the servants for them to invest.  Each servant had the free will to take the initiative.  No rules or regulations.

This is a parable about how Christians live their lives until the Master, Jesus returns.  Each one of us are given valuable gifts by the Master, and, as this parable tells, how we use them, is of great interest to Jesus.  The great insight of this parable is that the greatest risk of all, as it turns out, is to not risk anything.  Not to care deeply, or profoundly enough to invest deeply.  Not giving your heart away, and in the process, risking everything.

“Well done, good and faithful servant!” This is heard by those who have wisely invested the gifts given to them.  How are you using the gifts God has given you?  As we gaze upon a new year, I could easily think about new year resolutions…but, as many of us know, without commitment, they seem destined to fail.  As we look ahead, ask yourself, is your faith journey is an adventure or simply personal comfort and security?  This parable challenges us to a renewed responsibility for how we use and invest the gifts God has given each of us.  This parable challenges us to be bold and brave…to reach new heights and to care deeply…this parable is about an adventure of faith!! How will you serve the Lord this coming year?

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”  Listen for this whisper from God each and every day in your journey of faith, following Jesus the Christ…