Luke 1:67-80

Did you know that Zechariah’s Song is actually part of the Christmas Story? (Please, pardon my mischievous  smirk).

Well let me help you out and tell you that it is indeed. It is amazing to me, that somewhere somehow we fail to connect the whole narrative, and see that Christmas is not just about that wonderful night when the prince of peace was born. I am amazed that somewhere somehow we reduce the greatest story of hope and anticipation to a few selected idyllic scenes.

Christmas yes it is about Jesus, the new born! Let me be clear on that. And at the same time Christmas is and will be about the promise that God will save His people. That very promise and prophecy is the reason for our season. It is in that tension of looking forward and celebrating the present that we live in faith. Christmas is and will always be a time of celebration, of joy and peace but it is also a time when we look forward to see God’s salvation surrounding us and rejoicing when we see that everlasting promise unfold before our own eyes.

And when that happens let us shout out just as Zachariah did:

Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel,
    because he has come to his people and redeemed them.

Be blessed,

Bo M.