Luke 1:46-56 (NIV)

Luke 1:46-56 (The Message)

God is at work in our world and in our lives.  There’s joy and rejoicing when you see and sense the Lord working out his will in our every day, ordinary lives.

God was at work in Mary’s life fulfilling century old promises to his people.  Mary rejoices in what God is doing from the very center  of being; soul and spirit.  How wonderful to be used by God!

God, the Mighty One, is holy.  God does what no-one else can do; for the Lord brings the Savior to be born, in an ordinary and lowly Jewish teenage girl, to enter space and time on earth.

It’s all about showing mercy from generation to generation and keeping his promise to be merciful.  And so through Mary, God sends the Savior who is Christ, the Lord.  God is merciful and full of love.  He seeks to rescue and redeem.

Today, look for what God is doing in you, your community, your church, and the world.  Look for the mercy of God, alive, active, and at work in your world.  Perhaps this day, you can be an extension of the Savior’s mercy to someone else…What might that look like?

Find joy and rejoice at the opportunity for God to work in and through you in the world today!