Today’s passage: Luke 1:5-25

Trust…different thoughts and beliefs depending on individuals and situations of life.  Trust can be difficult to hold on to.  Mostly…trust comes down to what we believe.  Trust exists in many cases even though we may not have the least bit of evidence to demonstrate or prove our trust.

In today’s text we find Zechariah, an old man – one who had served in the temple all his life.  It would be easy to state that Zechariah probably gave all he had to God over his lifetime.  And all his life, he hoped for a son…a son he would name John…a son of significance.  God had special things in mind of this child – a special purpose.

But…even the faithful may grow dull in their expectations…here was a man who was praying fervently but who was not prepared for his prayers to be answered.  Zechariah, present in the sanctuary, but he did not really expect to experience God’s presence.

Zechariah reminds us…challenges us, to trust in God expectantly.  A trust that results in us being prepared for God’s response to us.  So often, many just go through the motions of prayer and worship…many times not expecting to meet God in the midst of our daily lives.  Even the faithful, like Zechariah, need to recover the vitality of worship.

Today, is it possible for all of us to see in the birth of a child God’s continuing affirmation of hope for the world in which we live…and in this