Today’s Advent devotion comes from Micah 5:1-5

Amidst a grim situation – a nation in distress, there seems to be little hope.  But, Micah brings us a message of hope – he sees beyond the current situation to what God promises to do.  Our God is a God of promises and Micah is God’s messenger!!

Surrounding us are images and feelings of insecurity, terror, war, poverty, issues of age and health…and Micah brings us the promise of security: “and they shall live secure…” We have much in common with the Israelites as we struggle with the issues and concerns of today.  Like Israel who looked toward perceived seats of power for rescue, we too, often think that there are many who will protect us from what threatens us and makes us vulnerable…doctors, lawyers, financial gurus, clergy…  While many look toward presidents and congressman and senators, Micah brings a different perspective.  He points us toward Bethlehem…to one who stands “in the strength of the Lord”.

What an amazing promise!  We see Christmas through many lenses, however, I encourage you to use Micah’s lens – that Christ is our security!  What an amazing promise amidst the chaos that surrounds us most days.  Christmas is God’s great confirmation of all his promises. Rejoice in the promise realized in the First Advent and the assurance we can have by faith in the yet to come Second Advent!