Jeremiah 33:14-16 (TIV)

Jeremiah is the suffering prophet.  His ministry was to the people of Judah, the southern Kingdom after the nation of Israel was split in half due to oppressive leaders.

It was Jeremiah’s calling to speak to the leaders and the nation about the consequences of forsaking God and the injustices committed against the common people.  Unless they changed the nation would be judged by God, which meant being conquered by Babylon and carried away into captivity.

God always held open the possibility of repentance and change and return to the Lord.  It didn’t happen as the leaders and people didn’t return to the Lord.

Here, in Jeremiah, we have a message of the hope and the promise of the Messiah who will come and save God’s people.  Notice the hope is not for a military conquering hero type of messiah, which was a common expectation even during Jesus’ life and ministry.

Into the chaos and confusion, the disappointment and devastation of a failing and faltering nation God promises to send the “Righteous Savior.”  The promise is for a just and righteous King of David’s line.  This “righteous Branch,”  the Messiah will do what is just and right.  His name will be called, “The Lord Our Righteous Savior.”

And so today, in our world or confusion and uncertainty, God sends the Savior, Christ the Lord to save us.  Give thanks this day for God’s rescue mission to us and to all the world.  God keeps his promises and sends to us the “Righteous Savior.”

May we keep our promises to God as we live into our calling in Christ Jesus and may all who meet us see Christ alive in us.  For “Christ in you, [is] the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)