Bob Haas provides today’s devotion on Isaiah 6:1-4

Wow!  Surprise! A new awakening for the long time priest Isaiah.  Something happened this morning.  I saw the Lord, exclaims Isaiah.  And he was startled all the way to the depths of his being.  Woe is me, he proclaims.

Does it sometimes happen to you?  Are you occasionally shook to the very roots of your being?

The season of Advent, the four weeks of anticipation, of waiting, of preparation, is designed to help us be awakened to this new reality, fresh once again as we wait for birth and rebirth in our hearts and lives once again.  So, as we wait, as we worship, as we do the many tasks that this period calls for, let us also be startled, let us be awakened to the reality of the Living Lord in our midst.


Bob Haas