Advent…not yet Christmas.  Like rushing past Thanksgiving to Christmas, we like to avoid the 4 weeks before Christmas Day known to us as Advent.  A time of reflection on where we are in our walk with Christ.  So, for the next four weeks we are going to look at Bible passages that are focused on both the First Advent and the yet to be realized Second Advent.

We begin with 2 Peter 3:1-10

I want to focus on verse 9, “The Lord is not slow about his promise, as some think of slowness…” For most of us, “slow” is not something done well.  In our culture, it is safe to say that “slow” is often seen as unproductive, silly, etc.  But, “slow” is something we need to focus on a little more in this time before Christmas.  Advent is the Christian challenge to look in the mirror and understand better how we are living our lives as Christ followers.  Why?  Because the return of Christ will “come like a thief in the night”…when we least expect it – a time known only to the Father (see Matthew 24:36-44).

In this this passage we see God’s patience…his desire for us to really understand what is at stake. God gives us extra time to prepare ourselves.  So, as the rest of the world tries to hurtle us to Christmas, let’s slow down and embrace the Advent season with joy!

Prayer:  Father God, for you a “thousand years are like a day”.  As we rev up our engines and start to speed toward Christmas, slow us down.  Help us to cast aside the demands of those around us so that we may reflect, with humble hearts, how we are living in your Light.  Father, guide us to be fruitful and abundant with others as we prepare for your return in your time.  Amen.